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Welcome to Cloudigital, your dedicated Salesforce Marketing & Commerce Cloud consultancy. We specialize in marketing automation, understanding the unique challenges and goals of the marketing landscape. Our services include comprehensive quick starts for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, tailored projects, thorough system health checks, and an all-encompassing managed service.

Our clients’ success stories are a testament to our expertise. From enhancing customer retention to increasing lifetime value, we empower businesses to maximize their ROI with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Let us guide your journey to marketing excellence.


Our Salesforce and Marketing Automation expertise creates a truly personal customer experience, at every point of the funnel. We deliver only the deliver best in cross-cloud solutions.


We’re a team of Marketers, Data Scientists, Technology Consultants, Developers and Architects with over 20 years of experience delivering success across a board range of industries including Retail, Fintech, Education, Banking, Retail and Construction to name a few. 

Get in touch, we’re happy to share our experience and approaches with you.


Technology Consulting

Cloudigital brings together the science of technology and the art of marketing. We build platforms to unlock the big data needed to create personalised, cross-channel customer experiences across email, mobile, social, web and more.

Strategic Marketing Consulting

Many marketers only utilize 10-15% of technologies and capabilities already available to them. Here, the focus is applying the technology to solve your business needs and changing consumer behaviours.

Digital Marketing Management

You have the technology; you have the strategy; now you need the execution with a clear roadmap to achieve your objective. We will work with you from strategy, implementation to execution to ensure the end goal is achieved.


Training and Enablement

Need to drive adoption? Want to get the tool into the hands of the good and smart people in your company and see them do wonderful things? We offer tailored trainings and enablement workshops to get your organisation off to a flying start.